Sketchbooks, Walk and Sketch tours in Nannup.

We’ve been busy planning for the cooler seasons Walk-Stop- Sketch walking tours and I’m sitting here, in the early morning (Australian) autumn light setting up kits for our tours.

The leaves are starting to turn, the air is fresh and crisp, and I have some company who are also enjoying the early morning calm. A very fat, spoilt clucky chicken who is holidaying with us and some of our ‘wild’ kangaroos who have decided to share the chicken’s breakfast!

The town of Nannup is glowing with the initial colourful blush of golds, reds and pinks on the many deciduous trees planted throughout the region. It is the perfect time of year to enjoy a sketching tour with the cooler mornings and a blend of native forest, and glorious gardens to sketch as you wander through our beautiful little town. We have all our tour dates listed on the WSS calendar for you to choose from, if you require a date for later in the year contact us for confirmation.

Talking about the future, if you are planning to come to Nannup to enjoy the Nannup Flower & Garden Festival in August (12th-27th) we will be offering some special festival tours and workshops! At the moment we are in the planning stage but expect to offer Walk-Stop-Sketch tours and workshops focusing on brushing up on observation and drawing skills, using watercolour paints to capture the colours of nature, and how to produce creatively illustrated sketchbook journals for artistic growth or to document your garden! Subscribe to keep up to date with all our Flower & Garden event details and future artistic opportunities.

Below is the official Nannup Flower & Garden page, so you can get all the festival details and plan ahead. We look forward to meeting you and having you join one of our tours, we will be wandering and working from real life, capturing the world around us, what we ‘see’.

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